Visit the Beautiful America Samoa Hotels 

The cultured America Samoa has always been known for having a wide-spread vacation appeal complete with beautiful beaches, numerous breathtaking waterfalls, lava tubes, volcanic craters, ran forest canopies, and interesting Polynesian villages that are surrounded by an easy-going, relaxed atmosphere.  Anybody who visits one of the many America Samoa hotels will never forget their experience. 

Upolu and Savaii 

Because it is known for its various scenic delights, America Samoa hotels are connected by an excellent tourist infrastructure.  The main island of Upolu and its capital town, Apia, are neighbored by the larger Savaii, which is 10 miles to Upolu's west.  Both of these islands are volcanic and saturated by tropical rainforests.  There are several volcanoes; on Upolu, the highest volcanic peak is Mount Fito, which reaches 1158m and on Avaii, the highest volcanic peak is Mount Silisili, which reaches 1880m.  The scenery makes staying at America Samoa hotels a surreal experience. 


America Samoa is one of the United State's dependent states, gaining that title in 1889.  Tutuilia, another one of Samoa's islands, is located almost 60 miles from Upolu to the southeast and is smaller when compared to Savaii or Upolu.  However, the tourist infrastructure is lacking as Tutuilia and its America Samoa hotels mostly service businessman, locals from different islands, and eco-minded tourists who are enamored by its archaeological sites and rich tropical rainforests.  

 Pago Pago Town, the Manua Group, Swains Island, and Rose Atoll 

Another feature of Tutuilia is its harbors that are located in Pago Pago Town, which is the capital.  Pago Pago is highly regarded for its gorgeously wild coastline complete with virgin rainforests.  The Manua Group, which is 60 miles east of Tutuilia, is made up of three wonderful islands.  Each of these islands have the lovely beaches America Samoa is known for as well as high sea cliffs.  There are also Swains Island and Rose Atoll, which are two small islands with remote locations. 

What Guests at America Samoa Hotels Will Appreciate 

When America Samoa is compared to other South Pacific islands such as Fiji, Tahiti, and the Cook Islands, the culture of Samoa is traditional and lacks international America Samoa hotels and commercial tourism.  Instead, the Samoa group of islands is made up of quaint beach hotels and on Upolu's west and south coast, handfuls of adorable beach bungalows that feature coconut fronds and thatch roofs.  Usually, America Samoa hotels are owned and managed by locals and their families. 

The Best Place to Stay 

In Upolu, the ideal place to call home base is one of the America Samoa hotels in Apai Town, which is the perfect location and departure point for exploring Upolu and its surrounding attractions.  Most often, tourists will stay their first few days in one of Upolu's America Samoa hotels, all of which cater to various budgets and tastes, before moving on to the other Samoa islands.  

America Samoa is a wonderful locale for both young backpackers and mature travelers who wish to avoid commercialized areas like Fiji and Tahiti.  Samoa has everything you could ask for in an island vacation--secluded beaches, traditional culture, unbelievable tropical rain forests, and stunning coastlines.  

Travel to beautiful Pago Pago in the American Samoa. Find airfare, hotels, and guides to make your stay as entertaining and relaxing as possible.

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